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Bettie Hubbeling:
coach | creator | designer | artist | teacher

 Life After Loss

My Vision

Creativity is part of our inner core that can be expressed in various ways. We inspire and encourage each other in the abundance of expansion and exploration. It’s exciting and empowering. That is my reason for coaching.

Nature Nurtures

Embrace life

I asked for help and found coaches.
I took (trauma) coaching courses and learned how it feels to embrace life.


The Impossible is Possible

There is a Choice

I found I have always a choice.
I allow myself to receive and feel happy.  I pay attention to my focus, my emotions,
how I feel, to be able to make my best choice in every moment.

Expand Imagination

Human being

As this is possible for me                              I know it is possible for others.
I wish this for everyone.
That is why I want to coach.

As a coach

My opinion is that you do not have to be an artist to be able to draw,
nor a poet to be able to write. Everyone can dance and sing.
All the arts are there to embrace our wholeness as a human being.
It is there for us to tap into and expand.
It is there for everyone to explore and adventure our inner being 

I find it an inevitable enrichment in my coaching courses.

“Science may produce a civilization, but not a culture. Man’s life under science alone stays sterile.”

Frank Lloyd Wright


Bettie Hubbeling

  • Wageningen, 4 maart 1950.
  • Amsterdam, Rietveld Academie, fashion designer.
  • Groningen, Academie Minerva, MFA , art teacher.
  • USA , Life Coach.

What I did

I started out as a High School Art Teacher for 4 years.
Did commissions painting/drawing portraits/ caricatures for 30 years.
I took a 4 year course in (trauma) coaching training.

Bettie Hubbeling:
coach | creator | designer | artist | teacher

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